Describe the Particular Contextual Situation in Which Modern Marketing Evolved and Thrived.

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Describe the particular contextual situation in which modern marketing evolved and thrived.

Marketing has developed and changed drastically over the last 50 years and businesses have had to adapt to this change in various ways ranging from their advertisement technique, who they aim their products at and to the way in which they care for the environment through being corporately socially responsible. The keys points are the way in which it had changed and why it has changed which will be looked at into depth in the core of the essay.

Marketing has had to meet the change in consumer spending, the environment in which marketing is allowed to work and the change in consumer behavior. Marketing has developed over this time, as for example in the 1950s, after the second world war, of which when people were getting back on their feet and this could be argued when marketing really kicked off and developed as America was looking to make up for lost time and consequently wanted to increase production and consumer spending just as the industrial revolution led to enhancing the production capabilities.

Marketing had obviously been around before the 1950s and people understood how it worked but it was just the right conditions, (O’Malley 1998 page 832) which allowed it to thrive in this period of time and it became more of a discipline . It developed in the sense that innovative products that had never been seen before by the potential consumer came into the market. For example it was it not only new for a family to have the new vacuum cleaner but it was also such a product that was new to the street. So marketing was seen to introduce a new product, that was going to be revolutionary and change the how people lived their life’s compared to today, where marketing is used to introduce a developed improvement on the previous model (e.g. dyson cylinder vacuum) This means that marketers had to adapt and change the way they tried to sell their products as consumers nowadays already no the capabilities and what they want from their product compared to the 1950s where marketers had to tell the consumers what they wanted.

Todays sense of marketing isn’t just about the product itself, its usage, capabilities, quality and usefulness but also about the social belonging which it brings and where buying the product fits you into society. Apple have probably brought about this change in a huge manner and been most affected by this and over the last 10 years has brought about a product which isn’t just of high quality but also a symbol which people will buy in order to fit into the society which the consumer feels they should be apart of. Rather than call a product for its name e.g. MP3 player apple have been able to influence the market and been so successful in marketing its product that people instead ask not if they have an mp3 but an iPod, this makes marketing so very easy for apple because they have produced such a product which blends into peoples everyday life’s and consequently making the product a part of them. Businesses also use the environment to help market their product with consumers prioritising the need to be environmentally friendly, causing them to be socially responsible; for example firms use recyclable material or give a percentage of profit to charities relating to their product. This helps the company come across to being responsible and is used greatly by firms today to get an advantage over its competitors.

“In the era of postmodernity, consumers reject the planned efforts of marketers. They use products for their own purposes as much in an effort to define themselves in society as for the functional offerings of the products themselves” (O’Malley 1998 page 838)

This is a great example of one academics view on the movement of marketing and the belief that marketing isn’t as forceful in getting consumers to purchase the products as at first believed, because there is a more complex method to this...
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