Describe the Most Challenging Obstacle

Topics: High school, High school diploma, General Educational Development Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Describe the most challenging obstacle 
you've had to overcome; discuss its impact on your life, and tell us what you learned from the experience and how overcoming that obstacle has shaped who you are today.

One of the most challenging obstacles that I had to overcome in life is going back to school. From the time I left high school was only seventeen years old and I knew I had to go back and finish my High School. I had gotten pregnant at the time I didn’t have any family member to support me. I had to come up with a plan to finish my high school this was the biggest problem I was going to face in life by myself I didn’t know where to start or who to ask for help I had to work hard to support my son. I worked day and night but I knew that sooner or later my dream was going to come true no matter when or how I was determine to finish m school I didn’t want to be a statistic. The first part of the plan was to force myself to do a little bit of a sacrifice raising my son own my own. I didn’t have any family member next to me but I didn’t want my son to grow up thinking that he could it done the same thing I did by dropping out of high school and getting any low paying job. I had to sacrifice myself just for a little bit until I could work one job and go back to school. The second part of the plan I had to put it in to work as soon as my son reached the age of one, I started making phone calls I knew I had two jobs, but there had to be a way for me to finish my high school. I didn’t have any idea on where to look or where to start but I started making phone calls and asking everyone. I found this GED program I was so excited about it I went to my local university and they told me I didn’t have to take classes at a local school I could study on my own by developing a study strategy. I did I bought the book and study every night when my son was sleeping until one day I felt prepare enough and schedule for testing. The third part of the process was done...
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