Describe the Human Resource Development (Hrd) Process and Critically Examine How Hrd Programmes Can Help Organisations and Its Employees to Remain Competitive in Their Business.

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  • Published: April 18, 2008
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Free trade agreement among countries and the aid of advance technology made economic globalization becoming threats and opportunites for some organizations. Moreover, rapid changes and improvement in the products and services is inevitable in the competitive and demanding business arena. Many organizations know the recipe to stay competitive. However, only some succeeded and a few excel from the others. One of the key factors to become a successful organization is to attracting talents and investment in human capital. In a speech by Lee, Y.S (2007) he mentioned that an Economist’s article survey showed that attracting and retaining talent is the number one priority.

Many organizations having realized that, in order to be ahead of their competitors, they have to constantly learning how to maximize out from the employees to achieve the organization strategic business objectivities. With the realization of the importance of the employees, it has made a significant impact on the human resource management.

The objectivities of human resource management in a organization is to help the company to meet their strategic goals, recruiting and retaining talents and have an effective management on the employees. According to Stone (2005, p.10), to achieve the objectivities, there are a few activities, which need to be undertaken. One of the activities is human resource development.

Human resource development can explain as a framework to enhance the employee skill, knowledge, behaviour, and abilities that are in line with the organization business strategic objectives. Stone (2005, p.12) stated that the activity is to focus on five objectivities. Firstly, is the attitude of the employees. It is crucial, as their attitude will influence their behavior towards their work, which will affect their work performance. Secondly are the employees’ skill, knowledge, and ability. The organization must always ensure that their employees are equipped with the correct skill,...
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