Describe the Fieldwork and Research You Would Undertake in

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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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Describe the fieldwork and research you would undertake in order to investigate why some urban areas are in need of rebranding (15 marks)

Primary fieldwork consists of things like a questionnaire, graffiti survey, Environmental impact assessment, pedestrian and car counts etc. Secondary research is data that is collected from a variety of sources for example a census, the government, national statistics, city council etc. In many cities in the UK such as Birmingham and Margate that are in the nature of industrial decline, this has led to much rebranding of the city or CBD.

An EQI is an environmental quality investigation. The sub categories in a typical EQI include litter, dog fouling, air quality, noise, vandalism and space. A litter count would allow you to investigate the management of the area e.g. are there enough bins? Street cleaners? It also provides an insight into people's pride and care of the area. In search of dog fouling, this would again give you insight into dog owners pride of the area, if they took care of the environment, they would clear the mess up. In terms of noise, if the place doesn't seem to be very noisy, perhaps it is remote and isolated and people tend not to visit the place as there are no attractions. A run down place would have vandalism such as graffiti, there may be gang cultures about, and the messages that they convey may perhaps be political in terms of what they think about the place. Finally the amount of space in which the area has might determine if the area should consider rebranding as such places have plenty of space, but there is no use for the land apart from derelict industrial buildings that have been left.

Recording the 'drosscape' is a term to describe parts of a town where there is significant decay and dereliction. These areas are mapped, can form focus of regeneration. Derelict land tells us a place needs rebranding, as you would perceive that the area is loosing out on finances. Derelict land shows us...
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