Describe the Development of One Media (Newspapers, Radio, Television, Internet) from Its Inception and Origin to Its Modern Day Status.

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Describe the development of one media (newspapers, radio, television, Internet) from its inception and origin to its modern day status.


The Internet is a worldwide resource for information put in basic terms. Although the Internet has an infinite number of uses at present it wasn’t always like that. The internet was gradually developed over a long period of time and as it has developed so has the way it has been used and can be used. With the development and improvement of the internet came the way it affected almost every aspect of life such as; socially, culturally, economically and politically. The internet is everywhere nowadays and is widely recognised among the population; however it didn’t begin that way. So what are its origins and how has its development affected the different aspects of life?

The internet or the “World Wide Web” is thought of by many as a revolution and a major change in the World. Despite this many people thought it just appeared out of nowhere. The internet was not designed by a single organisation or person and therefore is not owned by anybody. The initial idea of the internet was to design a communication network. The Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA originally set off the events that would create the Internet. “The network project was formally launched in 1969 by ARPA under a grant that connected four major computers that connected universities in the south western United States- UCLA, Stanford, the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Utah. The network went online in December 1969. The age of computer networks was born.” (Merriman, Scott A. Trinkle, Dennis A. The History Highway 3.0: A guide to internet resources. M.E Sharpe Inc.) Years later the potential of the internet was realised and the “World Wide Web” was introduced. The World Wide Web made it possible for graphics and audio to be passed through a network. A language called “Hypertext” was then created by Tim Berners-Lee. This language made for quick links to any content within the internet. An early version of a web browser was then developed called “Netscape Navigator” created by Marc Andreessen. Microsoft a year later then created “Internet Explorer” which is still used today. As the Internet developed from its early stages it became easier to use which meant that more of the population would use it as it would be simple and convenient.( (Merriman, Scott A. Trinkle, Dennis A. The History Highway 3.0: A guide to internet resources. M.E Sharpe Inc.)

With the internet gaining momentum and becoming more accessible it started to change the way in which people live their lives. The internet has had many positive and negative affects on the world, creating problems and providing solutions to tedious everyday tasks. A major way that the internet has transformed society is the jobs that it has created, whether these jobs are working within the internet or jobs that have been produced. Many careers have been created through the internet; working for websites in sales, marketing, online support and many more. The internet has also paved the way for entrepreneurs to make their fortunes. With everything from auction sites to greetings card sites making millions from a simple idea which wouldn’t have been successful if it weren’t for the internet. Another way culture has been affected by the internet is the way anybody can be heard seen or broadcast through different mediums such as “” or “”. People can get a lot of exposure using these mediums and even get fame which can then lead to them being a recognisable public figure. This is how many of today’s leading artists, singers, and songwriters get to where they are at present.

“The Internet is setting a new standard for celebrity. Fame is no longer about getting "15 minutes"; it's about becoming famous to 15 people.”(Hammock, Anne, 2008. The New Fame: Internet Celebrity. Available at...
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