Describe the Current Patterns of Ill Health, How They Are Monitored and Compare Historical and Current Features of Public Health.

Topics: Public health, Obesity, Mental disorder Pages: 6 (2043 words) Published: April 22, 2012
In this assignment I am going to describe the current patterns of ill health and how they are monitored, I will also compare historical and current features of public health. Through the past century the health of the public has changed dramatically with such issues as polio, measles, rubella and other infectious diseases have almost been eradicated but now such issues are arising being; obesity, alcohol abuse, smoking, an aging demographical , mental health and dental issues. All the issues that have been mentioned above have influence a rise in such conditions as coronary heart disease, diabetes type two and cancer. Compare to now and the early 19th and 20th century, a number of infectious diseases was the cause of death with not many individuals living past 50 due to that lack of health care, vaccinations and information that is available now, but in this modern era with many people living into their 90s and older people are still dying in their young years due to non-informed choices, the environment in which they live and their lifestyle.

An escalating problem in the 21st century is the rise of obesity which in turn leads to problems with the individual’s health. It is a worldwide problem with many people making the non-informed choice when it comes to healthy eating and exercise. According to the Department of health the cost to the NHS is estimated to be £5.1 billion a year that is used to rectify and cure such problems that obesity has caused. Obesity is when an individual is overweight and their weight is greater than what is considered healthy for a person’s height, gender and the individuals BMI (Body mass index), this is due to not balancing energy input to energy output, also not calorie counting the maximum calorie intake a day is 2000 for an average individual. Obesity can cause such non-communicable diseases as coronary heart disease, diabetes type two and preventable cancers. According to the WHO 2012 overweight and obesity are increasing dramatically in low and middle income countries and also in built-up areas. Authorities locally, nationally and worldwide is constantly trying to provide us about making informed choices about such issues as walking instead of taking the bus/ stairs, switching unhealthy snacks for a piece of fruit or vegetables, also getting at least a hour of exercise everyday. According to the department of Health 2011, Obesity is a big factor that cause a lot of health problems and England has one of the highest rates of obesity on Europe with over 60% of adults overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is increasing with a third of ten and 11 year olds overweight in England also. Obesity in childhood has risen greatly over the past two decades not only in the UK but also worldwide. According to the WHO 2012, childhood obesity is the most serious public health issue of today. Individuals quality of life is affected largely with continuous health problems that is all sourced to have come from been overweight, the WHO suggests that at least 2.6 million people die each year as a result of being obese or obesity. With some individuals that are severely obese unable to walk a long distance or have some issues about not leaving the house due to not been confident about their body leading them to eat more. According to the government they are considering bringing in a “fat tax” although this is already brought in, Denmark has taxed products with saturated fats like butter, in France they are planning to implement a tax on fizzy drinks, while Hungary has brought in a extra tax on “high-fat-sugar-salt” products and also Finland is considering placing a tax on sweets. (The guardian, 2011) If the Government brought this tax in this would help reduce the rates of the soaring numbers of obese people and although the department of health has yet to say if they are taking any action to this, the government have launched a campaign “ Call to Action to obesity”, this is an campaign in which the...
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