Describe the Changes That Increasing Technology Has Brought to the Lives of Ordinary Australians Since 1945.

Topics: Life expectancy, Medicine, Talk radio Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: August 2, 2012
Technology has advanced a lot since 1945. There were new inventions such as the television, talk back radio, antibiotics, tranquilisers, anti-depressants, fluoride in water, higher numbers of cars being manufactured as more people were buying, the use of planes commercially, the jet plane, electric railway and the development of railway towns. In 1956 the television was invented and widely bought throughout Australia. They were expensive for the time but a new scheme called 'hire purchase' where you would hire it out until the cost of the full product was paid. This made it much more easier and affordable for people to get them. The first ever telecast in Australia was from Sydney and it was in black and white but in 1975 television became coloured. A big business called PMG (Post Master General) handled all telephone services, postal services and television licences, through the use of it's 85000+ employees. Although the television was big the radio still survived but some programmes were altered and a new concept in the radio business was the talk back radio where a single host would talk about topical issues like politics and sometimes had a guest speaker.

The life expectancy for men and women had risen a lot in the 1950's, this was due to advancement in medical technology and realisation of better health habits. In 1953 the government introduced subsidised health insurance which many people including aged, invalid, widows and those with tuberculosis were provided with free medical service and treatment. Antibiotics became widely available during this period in time which also another factor that contributed to the rising life expectancy rates.
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