Describe the Actions to Be Taken in Response to

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Unit 202 Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

Outcome 2 2.4A Describe the actions to take in response to emergency situations including: FIRES

Regular testing of the fire alarms take place every six weeks at the School. The log book is kept by the business manager, this is available to any visiting fire officer.

Fire instructions are clearly posted in all classrooms, offices and corridors. Also emergency exits are clearly signed.

There are always at least 2 fire exits in each classroom. In the event of raising he alarm the glass will need to be broken in one of the many alarms allocated around the school. It is the responsibility of either the school business manager,school secretaries or site manager to call the fire brigade if the alarm is sounded.

My role would be to assist the teacher or other classroom assistants to gather the children, keep them calm and quiet so they can listen to the instructions being given to them. To form an orderly line and escort the children out onto the playground which is the assembly point.

Along with the daily register being taken a small pink book is filled out daily to inform members of staff at a glance who is absent, who maybe late or leaving early due to an appointment. A computerised register is also completed daily and printed off and kept with the pink book for any emergency that may occur.

Under no terms must a child or adult re enter the building unless they have been informed it is safe to do so.
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