Describe Potential Barriers to Effective Communication and Identify How They Might Be Overcome

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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1.20 Identify and implement strategies to promote diversity and equality in the setting

The school is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all children of all abilities and from all backgrounds. With regards to multiculturalism, the school promotes this by having a multicultural day for the infants, where different classes become different countries and the children can go around to these different ‘countries’ during the day and experience something about that culture (eating different foods etc). They also do different activities to compliment this such as dressing up and singing. There are lots of resources around the school that reflect positive images, i.e. corridors, classroom and the hall. Different cultures, language, and skin colour should be valued and we achieve this at circle time talking to the children about different people in the environment.. As a Teaching Assistant, we should promote positive attitudes towards different ethnic groups by treating everyone the same and equal. Registers are the only legal document that needs to be kept. These are taken twice a day and then taken to the office manager. These are then transferred onto the computer onto a programme which is just like the registers. If a child is absent without a slip to say the parents have phoned, then the parents are telephoned to find out why the child is not at school. All old registers are filed away in boxes and are kept locked away in the SENCO office. Medical records are kept in a locked cupboard along with the children’s files. The welfare officer has notes on important information she needs to know about if the children have a serious medical condition. The medication book and accident book are kept in the welfare office. The staff accident book is kept in a locked cupboard in the office. All pupils’ records are to be kept locked away at all times. These can only be seen by those who need to see them, such as the head teacher, deputy head...
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