Describe One Decision That a Character or Individual Had to Make in the Text. Explain How Verbal and/or Visual Feature(S) Were Used to Show You This Decision Was Important.

Topics: The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks, Nick Cassavetes Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Describe ONE decision that a character or individual had to make in the text. Explain how verbal and/or visual feature(s) were used to show you this decision was important. In the film, The Notebook directed by Nick Cassavetes an important decision is made by the main female character. This decision is shown through verbal and visual features throughout the movie, they help us understand the difficult decision and why she chose the option she did. Allie Hamilton had to choose between Noah Calhoune or Lon Hammond. Noah was her first love when she was seventeen, but her parents disapproved as he was not rich or upper class. Lon Hammond was her second love who she met when she finished university, he was rich and in the right class and her parents approved of their relationship. Quotes, over the shoulder shots and the narrator help us see how Allie makes her decision and what influences her. Towards the end of the middle part of The Notebook, Allies mother tell us, she too was in the same situation Allie is in now. Allies mother says “I don’t want you waking up one morning wishing you could have done something different if you had known everything” Allie’s mother tells us that she had a summer romance but her parents disapproved “We were out of our minds in love, my father was furious when he found out so we decided to run away…. We didn’t even make it to the next town before the police picked us up.” In Allies mother telling her about her past, it illustrates that this is a very important decision in the film as if it were not; Allies mother would not have revealed her first love. Allies parents influence her choices a lot and what they think means a lot to her. Noah is not wealthy and not upper class; because of this Allies parents disapprove of their relationship. Allies mother tells Allie that, “He is Trash! Trash! Trash! Not for you!” when Allies mother is saying this, we see Allies perspective as an over the shoulder shot is used. This technique is used...
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