Describe How Your Career Progress, Values and Non-Work-Related Activities Will Enhance the Experience of Other Business School Students

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Each of our applicants is unique. Describe how your career progress, values and non-work-related activities will enhance the experience of other Business School students (maximum 900 words)

Career progress:
The foundations of my professional career were formed during my time at University. For my undergraduate degree I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics. These subjects were quite diverse and gave me great analytical and reporting skills that added to the teamwork skills which I developed due to group projects inside and outside of the laboratory.

After the completion of my BSc I decided that I wanted to develop my skills in the emerging environmental science market as I saw this as an opportunity to apply my knowledge outside of the laboratory. I was accepted into Queen’s University to read MSc in Applied for Environmental Science. During my MSc I further developed my project management, presentation and research skills. I believe that my solid educational background and experience of the educational system to date will help me encourage, contribute and support my fellow Smurfit School Students.

As my educational background is scientific it led me into technical roles grounded in science which dealt with environmental, quality and health and safety issues for various organisations.

My career progress has been very diverse in terms of the exposure I’ve had to various sectors within industry. I was originally employed as Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Consultant for a Irish based consultancy. My first job was an excellent opportunity as it gave me exposure to the pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Following my EHS consultancy role, I then progressed into to a compliance role within a multinational organisation in the waste industry. This role involved managing all environmental and health & safety issues for the XXX EPA waste licensed facility within the group. It was quite a challenging role that led me to influence all functions of the organisation in order to achieve awards for international best practice in the sector. Following my work in the compliance role I had now built up quite an expertise in EHS management, policy, standards and legislation which I transferred to my next role as a certification body ISO management systems auditor.

Initially at XXXX I audited and certified organisations to international best practice ISO standards in line with quality, environmental and health & safety management. At this stage in my career circa 2008 I further increased my exposure to various functions and levels of organisations over diverse sectors of industry including; pharmaceutical, waste management, heavy manufacturing, energy, financial institutions, FMCG, building products, IT, construction, engineering and state bodies such as the Irish Prison Service.

While working as an ISO certification auditor with XXXX an opportunity arose to gain some sales experience with the company. After my initial project, which was extremely successful the CEO of my organisation asked me to become a Business Development Manager for the core services of the business.

The fact that I started my career as delivering the service to the client which has progressed to selling and marketing services to the client has developed me into an individual who has extremely broad career experience that ranges from service delivery, project management to client management, marketing, business and product development.

I strongly believe that my exposure to the above mentioned sectors (dealing with people at a very senior level in many instances) will add a dimension to the class, including; • real life examples from diverse industries

• ability to understand the business backgrounds of my fellow students • a rich network of contacts

Finally, sharing my experiences from my career progression with classmates while working on a project or in a...
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