Describe How You Might Contribute to a Lesson Given to a Group of Seven Year Old Children Learning to Play Percussion Instruments.

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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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I would contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments by:-

1) Supporting the teacher

I would support the teacher by preparing the classroom as directed which may involve laying out the relevant instruments, preparing any music that may be needed and also reorganising the furniture to suit the lesson. I would check all of the instruments making sure that they were all in good working order and that no one could harm themselves on the I would make sure that this at the start of the percussion instrument lesson in order for the lesson to start on time and run as smoothly as possible. At the end of the percussion instrument lesion I would help clear away all resources, materials and equipment ensuring that everything was still in good order. I would also watch for any pupils that may be having problems in achieving the goals set by the teacher and report them as soon as possible. I would then assist the pupil to help them over there difficulty in order for them to achieve the relevant outcome that has been directed by the teacher. Other things that I would help with are to make sure that every pupil has the correct resources, materials or equipment so that no one is left out. Supporting the teacher in managing pupil’s behaviour and reporting any difficulties as appropriate is also very important. Also I would assist in any administrative roles such as photocopying and writing on an overhead projector etc. Finally I would help support the teacher by keeping records that I have been requested to and also gather any further observations, then report this information as directed by the teacher.

2) Supporting the pupils.

I would help to make sure that all pupils feel that they are involved in the lesson so that everyone feels included and positive. I would support the pupils by establishing a good relationship with them and act as a good role model to them by being aware and responding to...
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