Describe Four Stages of Training Needs Analysis and Organisational Best Practi

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Describe four stages of training needs analysis and organisational best practise.

The training needs Analysis is a monitoring technique used to examine and review learning, training and development within an organisation. These needs can be in relation for an individual, department / team or to the organisation as a whole. It is sometimes seen as a health check on the skills talent and capabilities of the organisation. This process should flow from business organisation to sustain business performance.

The HRD process should be designed and conducted using a four phase approach, Needs assessment, Design, Implementation and evaluation.

The needs assessment is the beginning of the training programme. It will assess any current gaps in the organisation in reaching their desired goals, It will identify what skills and abilities required but are not available It will identify what new learning and training is needed to address the gaps

•To determine whether training is needed
•To determine causes of poor performance
•To determine content and scope of training
•To determine desired training outcomes
•To provide the basis of measurement
•To gain management support

There are three level of needs assessment:

•Organizational analysis
•Task analysis
•Individual analysis


•Looks at the effectiveness of the organization & determines where training is needed and conditions for its conduction.

•OA should identify:

–Environmental impacts
–State of economy and operating costs
–Changing work force demographics
–Changing technology
–Trends such as workplace harassment
–Organizational goals and resources available
–Climate and support for training

Organizational goals & objectives, mission statements, strategic plans.

•Staffing inventory, succession planning,long-and-short-term staffing needs. •Skills inventory: short-term & long-term needs,...
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