Describe Different Ways to Improve Our English

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The purpose of this report is to describe different ways to improve our English in our free time and to say which is better and why.

It’s really useful to read books, magazines or whatever we can think of! It increases our vocabulary letter, teaching us lots of new words and things that we need to learn in order to be good. We can go to a bookstore or an international press store and we can find an enormous collection of books and magazines for all ages.

What could be better than speaking the language to exercise yourself? Try to speak English to your parents, sister, and brother or even to your friends! That way you can focus and improve your communication with people, your accent, and they way you speak. You can also learn to depend on yourself and stay calm and relaxed while you read.

Surfing on the Internet is very good idea, since it’s easy for all of us to handle. Try to play English Grammar games like one of those on , try to answer some online vocabulary sheets and quizzes, and you can get your score too! But always take care because Internet could be dangerous too. Internet can help us only if we are using it in the right way.

I would recommend reading English books and magazines because it’s something approachable, that all children can do, while speaking the language or using the internet may not be easy for all. Some children may not have access to the Internet or don’t have a computer. I believe that’s perfect kind of way to learn new things and entertain yourself too
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