Describe at Least 5 Transitions That Some Children and Young People May Experience E.G. Bereavement, Divorce, New School.

Topics: Suffering, Parent, Violence Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Describe at least 5 transitions that some children and young people may experience e.g. bereavement, divorce, new school.

During the children and young people's lives they experience a lot of transitions such as: - toilet training
- start nursery/ new school/ passing on to secondary school
- moving to new Key Stage/ new teacher/ supply staff
- changes in the body
- parental separation/ divorce/ parental change of partner
- bereavement
- new sibling
- illness/ injury
Children and young people naturally pass through a number of stages as they grow and develop. Often, they will also be expected to cope with changes such as movement from primary to secondary school or changes in adolescence. Such changes are commonly referred to as transitions. Some children may have to face very particular and personal transitions not necessarily shared or understood by all their peers. These include: family illness, parental mental health or disability. These children have a tough experience, they are witnessing pain and suffering. The parents are not able to provide them well enough care and support. Those pupils have a lot more domestic responsibilities than their peers. Sometimes they feel ashamed or jealous of other children carefree childhood. Also extremely difficult experience for a pupil is domestic violence. The witnessing of violence can be really traumatic. The child feel terror and helplessness. These powerful, distressing emotions go along with strong, even frightening physical reactions, such as rapid heartbeat, trembling, stomach dropping, and a sense of being in a dream. Children of imprisoned parents are the next example of difficult transition. When a mother or father goes to prison, their children are negatively affected, sometimes ends up into foster care.Their relationships with the imprisoned parent and others around them frequently suffer. They may have to move to a new area, a new home or a new school because of imprisonment. These students often...
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