Describe and Justify the Ways in Which Written and/or Oral Feedback Is Given to a Learner.

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Knowledge Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Task 3
Describe and justify the ways in which written and/or oral feedback is given to a learner. Discuss how feedback and target setting promote learner progress and achievement, whilst maintaining or increasing the confidence of the learner.

At Link into Learning learners meet with their tutor every six weeks in order to review their progress. The following case study is an illustration of one such review.

M is a 24 year old female currently working as a health care assistant. M is dyslexic and this has been a barrier to learning in the past, being undiagnosed at school and so leading to issues of low self-esteem and poor attendance. M is now hoping to become a nurse but needs to gain a Level 2 Numeracy qualification in order to be accepted onto a university course.

M keeps a weekly diary detailing progress and the review is an opportunity to offer feedback, referring back to the learning objectives and personal goals identified at the start of the course.

The review is informal and takes place during M’s usual learning session; this is intended to make the feedback feel friendly and routine. In order to maintain privacy and to allow myself and M to hear each other the review is conducted away from the main group however M requested that we stay in the main classroom rather than move to an office as this was less formal. Due to M’s previous negative learning experiences it is very important that she is able to feel comfortable during feedback otherwise discussion between tutor and learner is stifled and the feedback ineffective.

The first step in the review is to refer back to the key learning objectives identified at the start of the course. I asked M how she felt about these objectives now that we are some way through the course. M was very positive and felt that she had achieved certain objectives such as working with fractions and percentages. I agreed and was able to reinforce this, giving examples of work that had demonstrated her...
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