Describe and Explain the Reader’s Relationship with Lennie Throughout Chapter Six

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Describe and Explain the Reader’s Relationship with Lennie throughout Chapter Six

Lennie’s behaviour throughout Chapter Six causes the reader to feel various emotions towards him which leads to the reader also developing a relationship with the character. The ups and downs of the final chapter present the reader with a series of new ideas and perspectives of Lennie which could be different from those ideas built up from previous chapters.

After accidentally killing his new pup and turning to Curley’s Wife for company, who he also ends up murdering in a panic, Lennie finds himself following George’s instructions, “…if you just happen to get into trouble…, I want you to come right here and hide in the brush”. This in itself indicates to the reader that despite the fact that we have been shown on so many occasions that Lennie is quite slow and forgetful, he has realised the largeness of his actions and remembered what George told him to do. As a result of this, as a reader we feel apprehensive towards what will happen to Lennie and feel rather sorry for him as he is always finding himself in these unfortunate situations.

As Lennie waits in the brush, he has a series of hallucinations which goes through many encounters and conversations that he has had with both his Aunt Clara and George. These hallucinations come from Lennie as if he is George or Aunt Clara themselves and seem to be like huge outbursts of memories that have been buried deep in Lennie’s mind. “But you don’t never take no care. You do bad things.”, Lennie speaks to himself as his Aunt Clara criticizes him. This, as well as the other parts of Lennie’s outburst make the reader realise just how many times Lennie has been in similar situations, and how often he continues to repeat his mistakes despite the warnings he receives, however it does cause the audience to feel deep sympathy towards him; especially as he continues the conversation and says: “I know… I tried, Aunt Clara, ma’am. I tried...
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