: Describe and Evaluate Using Appropriate Theory Your Attitude to Your Role and the Workplace Along with the Motivation

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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PART 1: Describe and evaluate using appropriate theory your attitude to your role and the workplace along with the motivation. The motivation of employee always had been a central problem for the employers, managers or leaders. The employees who are unmotivated mostly spend little or no effort towards their jobs, they try to avoid their office or work place as much as they can, they try to get the chance or opportunity to exit the office or workplace or organization and the quality of work they produce is mostly low. However, workers or employees who are motivated towards work are mostly put their effort in work, creative and productive, which lead to high quality of production or work. I started my job as a waiter in an Indian restaurant I didn’t had any experience of waiter at that time. They hired me and gave me training and motivated me that ‘nothing is difficult, you can do this’. On first week of my job I dropped drink on a customer and lost my confident but my employer motivated me by telling different kind of such experience he had in his past when he was new in this field. He helped me gaining my confident back, and to take this mistake as a part of learning and not to lose confident. Just because of that motivation and support i am still working there and try my best for the restaurant. Even they are paying me less than other restaurant but sometimes employee need motivation and support not just money.

PART 2: What underlying traits (yours) do you believe influence your attitudes and behaviors in this situation? There are different types of traits or you can say traits of human consciousness. The traits play main role in making human character or its reaction towards the others. There are some negative traits and as well as positive traits which buildup the human personality. We may divide these traits in to different categories such as attitudes, miscellaneous attributes, social endowments, and skills. Some of these are as follows.

1) Cooperative....
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