Describe and Evaluate Two Theories of Relationship Formation

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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Describe and Evaluate 2 theories of relationship formation (24 marks) One of the theories of relationship formation is the filter process model. This model is brought about by Kerckoff and Davis 1962; they said that there are 3 filters that a potential relationship goes through, in order to be a strong, long term relationship. They said that the ‘field of availables’ are the potential partners the individual could have a relationship with, then as they filter out the potential partners it becomes a narrower ‘field of desirables’. This is the group that has the potential partners that are considered for a relationship. The first filter is when an individual unknowingly chooses a group of people that are fairly close to them and/or similar to them, either economically as they work in the same place, educationally as they go to school/college/university in the same place, or socially as they live in the same area. The people who are included in this group are now in the ‘field of availables’. The second filter in the process is when the two the people who could be in a possible relationship filter out each other’s individual personalities according to their attitudes and values. If both individuals share similar attitudes towards issues and have the same values then their chances of getting along with each other increases, as they will find it easier to communicate with each other. Then the third factor is when the two people have established that they’re in a relationship. So then they begin to filter each other by working out if their partner can satisfy their emotional needs, and if they themself can satisfy the other emotional needs. If both can meet each other’s needs then their relationship is successfully formed and has a higher chance of progressing further. Kerckoff and Davis tested their theory out by carrying out a longitudinal study on several students who were couples in 1962. They asked couples who were in a relationship over 18 months and less than...
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