Describe and Discuss 2 Psychological Factors That Influence the Development of Interpersonal Relationship

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Attraction essay plan

1) Introduction
Theories of attraction have fascinated humans for many years. Psychologists have put forward many theories to try and explain this. In this essay I am going to describe 2 psychological factors that influence the development of interpersonal relationships.

2) Theory of attraction 1
Physical attraction is a huge factor which influences the formation of human relationships. Research has found that.people are not only attracted to people who are physically attractive but also people who have certain traits like kindness, popularity, generosity, etc. This is called psychological attraction. It is argued that men are mostly attracted to women who are with large breasts and wide hips, this is because these assets are and have always been a sign of fertility and good health.

oExplain how the theory explains attraction
oProvide examples of how the theory works (e.g. for familiarity, a man may be attracted to a woman whom he is familiar with at work) oProvide evidence to support the theory
oEvaluate the theory
- Try to provide evidence with refutes the theory
- Compare and contrast with your other theory (alternatively you could explain and evaluate both theories first, then compare and contrast them both afterwards)

3) Theory of attraction 2
we tend to pair with individuals with similar levels of attraction to ourselves, both in friendship and relationship 4) Summary
oA brief closing statement

oSimilarity and physical attractiveness are best to use
oNeed to use at least two studies for each theory
oDon't use your own opinion - use 'it could be argued that', 'it could be suggested that' etc. oWord limit is 1500 but can go up to 1800 words but over 2000 will result in a bad grade for quality oEvery study mentioned need to be in your reference list (will need to find a book or website with the study to reference) oReference list should be in alphabetical order (but you won't lose marks if...
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