Describe an Important Setting in the Novel Great Expectations

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  • Published : July 31, 2010
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Describe an important setting in the novel. London.

An important setting in “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens is London, which is viewed as a place of economic competition and death. The bleakness of the places in London foreshadow a series of unfortunate events for Pip Dickens did not romanticize London but instead gives us a good hard look at the backstreets and alleys where the real life existed.

An important setting in the novel Great Expectations is London this setting reveals important themes in the novel such as loyalty and conscience are more important than social standing and wealth. By establishing Pip’s low standing as an apprentice black smith and his wish for upper class status. Mr Jagger’s arrival gives him the chance to advance with his move to London and a convoluted journey for Pip begins.

London is an important setting because when Pip gets there he befriends a young gentleman, Herbert Pocket. Pip expresses disdain for his former friends, and studies law under Mathew Pocket, which is Herbert’s father and learns to “act like a gentleman”. Herbert gives Pip the nickname “Handel” which wryly refers to a musical piece about a blacksmith (a man of lower class). This shows that Pip can not escape his past.

Magwitch reappears in London and Pip learns he is the secret benefactor not Miss Havisham as Mr Jaggers led him to believe. Pip is appalled but feels bound to help Magwitch flee London. Magwitch is pursued by police and Compeyson. A complicated mystery begins to fall into place when Pip discovers Compeyson is the man who left Miss Havisham at the altar and Estella is Magwitch’s Daughter. The setting of London is shown here by Dickens’ use of symbolism shown here with a description of the terrible gallows of Newgate Prison which gives Pip “a sickening idea of London”. The emphasis on the relationship between character and setting means Pip encounters objects of punishment and justice everywhere.

Beneath the desire to become...
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