Describe an Enjoyable Weekend You Have Experienced

Topics: Love, Public transport, Bus stop Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Describe an enjoyable weekend you have experienced
 Everyone in his life experiences some memorable incidents,good or bad.These could be the happiest,the saddest, the funniest or the most enjoyable.       One Sunday morning, I received an invitation from my friend,Sudhir as i had come back from the United Kingdom to my native land.I woke up early in the morning and started preparing myself.My sister gave me a cup of tea early in the morning,Then Itook my bath and got ready.I was anxious in getting to my friend's house.She kept insisting me that I have a heavy breakfast and i did not care for it.I walked out to the bus stop.Soon, a bus came and i got onto it and asked for the conductor for a ticket for a Babar Lane.The conductor frowned at me and said ,"This bus is not going to the Babar Lane.It is going in the opposite direction.You can get down the bus and catch another bus."I baffles for some time at this sudden bit of information.I alighted from the bus and again waited for the next bus.        I boarded the bus, and i soon reached 15,Babar Lane.When I approaced my friend's house, the door was locked and all the windows shut. I started wondering whether I had come to the right place. As i was gazing and pondering, a neighbour of my friend came and asked me ," Why are you standing here? Do you want to meet someone?" I replied,"Yes.I want to meet mr.Sudhir who lives in Quarter No.15." He replied,"Oh,Mr.Sudhir! Mr.Sudhir has moved house on Wednesday.He has gone to Changi."       Frustratedly,I walked back to the bus stop. I was feeling thirsty and hungry.Soon,it started drizzling. I was now in a fix as I had no umbrella.My confusion become worse with the poring rain.I was soaking wet,instead of going home. My find was hoping to meet Sudhir,come what may.       An idea hit me suddenly. I decided to telephone the Enquiry Office. The operator told me the address and i made my way to Changi. Then,I found the address given by the operator. I rang the door bell....
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