• Describe 2 to 3 Phases of the Organizational Change Process That Were Not Completed or Implemented at the Concord Bookshop That Lead to the Change Failure.

Topics: Communication, Graduate school, Management Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Strategies for Success in Graduate Study
Jennifer Ton
HCS 504
October 24, 2011
Elwanda Whitaker

Strategies for Success in Graduate Study
Online learning system at University of Phoenix (UOPX) designed for working adult who wants to earn degree while working. Students can obtain the degree and maintain full function at their jobs. UOPX online program has multiple online resources available to assist student access research materials, tutorials, mathematics, statistic, and writing resources (UOPX, 2006-2011). The university resources have the purpose to assist students to develop writing skills according university APA format. RiverPoint writer tool can automatically adjust spacing, grammar correction, and develop citation reference. According to university code of conduct, using unauthorized works or copy someone else’s ideas are violated and considered plagiarism (UOPX, 2011). Plagiarism checker is a safe tool provided by university library to check plagiarism before student submits the paper. Tutorial and guides resources are helpful in writing APA paper. In research study, university library has thousands of articles in EBscohort, ProQuest, and Gale Powersearch. UOPX library offers built-in support and rigorous education with technical support team stay online to support for any software issues with easy follow instructions (UOPX, 2011). Graduate study is an advanced program that deepens into one’s professional knowledge. The program is guidance for research study, leadership, and management skills in a specific area of study. Graduate study instructed people to expand their expertise into research and build in the ability to solve complex problems. According to Delmonte (2011) “Graduate education focuses on quality management principles and aimed to create the best management in quality principles.”(p.30). Graduate students will maintain ability in management and research to become a strong leader with extensive ability to change and...
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