Descartes Problem of the Cartesian Circle

Topics: Mind, Understanding, Epistemology Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Does Descartes solve the problem of the Cartesian Circle?
Despite Arnauld’s objection being to distinguish “what we are actually perceiving clearly and what we recall having clearly perceived sometime earlier” (Pynn 2011) we will always rely on our clear and distinct views and or perceptions we had, have, or will have to be true. Agreeing with Descartes is the obvious position I am taking in this argument because the questioning towards his theory is relying on the fact that our current clear and distinct perceptions are true. Arnauld’s disagreement lies in a couple of ways. One being that the doubts brought up from the beginning stages of meditations apply to all the clear and distinct perceptions and not just the ones from the past and not being deceived when I perform a basic operation like adding or counting sides. Also, if this response is just to put up a fight against this theory, then what shall we do when we cannot perceive clearly any longer? Or even have distinctive thoughts? Does it replay in our head like that of a film or a recording?

Philosophers abroad have sought out potential solutions on behalf of Descartes over the past year by almost “borrowing” various ideas he has mentioned throughout his writings, but one in particular seems very interesting for decent solution to this argument. His second set of answers or Replies to more objections Descartes brings up the topic of atheism and how they can know that three angles of a triangle are equal to two right angles (Pynn 2011). The nonbelief in God shows that God’s existence may be irrelevant and Descartes may have an issue. Descartes claims that an atheist can be clearly aware that the basics of geometry and the three angles of a triangle equaling two right angles. Therefore he states, “This awareness of his is not true knowledge since no act of awareness that can be rendered doubtful seems fit to be called knowledge.” (Pynn). He (Descartes) wants to be able to come up with a true...
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