Descartes Mediation

Topics: Mind, Perception, Ontology Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Mediations Two and Three

Descartes mentions in the mediation two that he is convinced that he is a thing which thinks, but is not sure about being a bodily thing (Veitch). He states that for his body and mind to be one, he either has to know both of them or has to know none. He knows that he is a thinking thing and also know that his mind and body are separate things, he concludes that he is not a bodily thing. With this he is convinced that he is only a thinking thing. Descartes has based this argument of his on intentional fallacy which states that one does not know a thing and therefore, the argument is made. If two things can either be known or not known based on their being identical, it can be stated that Descartes person and philosopher Descartes are not same and one.

Through the wax argument, Descartes attempts to differentiate between the senses and the intellect (Descartes). He uses wax example to prove that things are perceived through the intellect and not the senses and we know our mind more than anything else. He puts forth the argument that when solid wax changes into liquid wax, though we notice the change through our senses, it is our intellect which convinces us that the solid and liquid wax is the same thing. Descartes states that perception is confirmed through mind which proves that body is less known in comparison to mind.

Objective and formal reality as defined by Descartes have difference based on the things and ideas. World and mind are connected by the link of ideas because they have objective and formal reality. Objective reality is the objects reality being represented by several ideas whereas formal reality is the reality of things in this world. Therefore, an idea is formal reality when it is thought by the individual and becomes an objective reality when it is represented by something other than the initial thinker.

As per Descartes, a thing with some degree of objective reality must...
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