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  • Published: December 18, 2013
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S.Singh phil 101

Essay topic - Compare and contrast at least one premodern author and one modern author.

Throughout the course of philosophy 101, there are two philosophers that has had a significant impact on my view of philosophy. Yes these two authors are from different timeframes in history, but they have gained my immediate attention faster than any other authors. The premodern author I will be talking about in this essay is Aristotle. The modern author I will be talking about in this essay is Descartes. Suprisingly, these two authors have many views that are both easily different and some comparable even though they are from different era's.

Throughout this course I have been more of a Descartes follower due to the fact that my views can be related to his. Descartes view on philosophy would be revolving around happiness. He is most famous for dealing with Princess elisabeth and his image of the philosophy tree. In my eyes, Descartes' writings' always consists of a goal. This goal should be triumphed in his eyes in order to achieve happiness. In his writing you learn that he has a message to tell everyone including some of the most famous people that I will later talk about.

I would see Descartes as a very peaceful human being such as Ghandi. His writings teach us that the meaning of life is one to achieve happiness. He talks about peace and tranquility. This can be related to me as a stated before towards my religion. My religion is Hinduism where all we seek is peace and happiness in life and what Descartes' writings teaches us is the same along those lines. He uses philosophy as a remedy to clear our minds or heal us from something harmful such as if we had a disease there are medicines to relieve our sickness.

Descartes tries to imply to us that in doubt of our failures there are always a way to fulfill happiness in this life. He wants us to believe in ourselves and tell ourselves that everything will be okay as long as you try to make it okay. I see Descartes as a person that would not give up so easily until he fulfills his idea of happiness with any means necessary. He is one to also believe in faith where whatever we deserve we will get and the opposite way around. In other words, he implies in his writings to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Again, this goes hand in hand how I classify Descartes as a Ghandi figure.

Descartes tries to imply in his writings that through the worst disasters and pain that we can prevail and happiness can find us. The key to this succes is to believe in yourself as i stated before. He implies not to give up so easily and keep treading on. He uses his tree of philosophy as a type of building block i would say. The roots are the foundation to everything. The trunk of the tree are the physics and what ranches out are the sciences. What he tries to imply is that the higher the tree is, the more wisdom you would have. Descartes basically defines philosophy as wisdom so in other words this tree of philosophy is his foundation of his writings. Metaphysics and physics are also brought into play when he talks about the tree of philosophy.

Descartes has many moral rules and ethics that he would stand by. His words in his writings are legendary and can keep a reader guessing for hours to decipher what he tries to say. The key to his view on philosophy is being very soveirgn and calm abouth things and events even through the darkest of hours in our lifetimes, happiness will prevail. As i stated time and time again, happiness is the basic element to his writings and famous qoutes. “It is true that normally I refuse to write down my thoughts concerning morality. I have two reasons for this. One is that there is no other subject in which malicious people can so readily find pretexts for vilifying me; and the other is that I believe only sovereigns, or those authorized by them, have the right to concern themselves with regulating the morals of other people” (AT...
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