Desalination Plant at Kurnell

Topics: Water, Ocean, Water supply Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: March 2, 2009
Desalination Plant At Kurnell

The Desalination plant at Kurnell could be a considerable option for saving Australia’s water but it has quite a few downsides for this major project.

The Desalination plant at Kurnell would be costly and non energy efficient. This could raise taxes so the Government can rebuild its funding. Plus this Desalination plant might not supply enough of Australia’s water needs.

The plant at Kurnell will cost around $ 1-2 billion dollars and further money to pay for energy costs. Plus the plant will only supply a small amount of water.

The Plant at Kurnell could have an undesired affect on marine life as small creatures could get trapped in the piping. This could unbalance marine life if this went unnoticed and this could clog up machinery inside the plant. If enough marine life was to get killed by the plants piping this could affect fishing industries that might get a shortage of marine life.

The Government will need to put $ 1-2 billion dollars for the expensive project which could raise taxes so the Government can rebuild its funding in order to recover from its money loss. Further money will also be sent in order to pay for energy costs which make the plant at Kurnell too hard to fund. Companies say they will put in solar systems in order to cover the energy costs but this will be too much for anyone to fund as the $ 1-2 billion dollars is already a major spending for a machine that might not supply enough water.

Maintenance for the Desalination plant will also be costly as pipes could leak or get damaged or machinery inside the plant could become faulty and break down or not stop the salt from getting through to the cities water supply. This is another cost issue as divers will have to be sent once a month to check for pipe leakages or faults and if there are any they would have to shut down the plant fix the pipe and restart up the machinery in the plant. If the fault was to be unnoticed in the dispersing pipe...
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