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1| Table of content| 1|
2| Introduction of company| 2|
3| Introduction to the product| 4|
4| Current Marketing Mix evaluation Product AttributesBrandingPackaging and LabellingProduct support service and informationPricing Place| 8910121314| 5| New marketing mix evaluation & set of target market:New Product StrategiesNew Pricing Strategy DecisionThe New Promotion And Positioning StrategyNew Place (Distribution) Strategy| 17212325| 6| New Sets Of Target Market| 28|

7| Conclusion| 29|

Introduction of company
Desaku Marketing Sdn Bhd is born from the work of outburst idea and vision by a group professional of Sabak Bernam Selangor's local child skilled in various fields. Their business began in the year 1997 where Syarikat Teknologi Desa Hijau Sdn Bhd already win the contract manufacture and they get a work to install a 'transformer' from a Japanese international company product (Tamura Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd). Desaku production facility is located at the Sabak Bernam. The entire product lines are made there. Desaku chooses the location because the place is strategic to the access of raw material. Furthermore, the cost of human capital also lower a lot lower compared to a city or a more developed areas The company are lead by Senior Manager Haji Ishak Basiran bachelor degree holder Mechanical Engineering from UTM / UiTM, En. Mohd Huzazi Sayan, Diploma of Food's Technology graduating from UiTM, En. Mohd Hakim Subari, baccalaureate graduating on Construction Management from USM, Mrs Huzaimah Ghazali graduating on Diploma of Microbiology from UiTM and En. Amir Hamzah Ahmad, graduating on Diploma of Computer Science Computer from Uitm, Suhaila Bt Abdul Hadi, baccalaureate graduating on Bachelor degree of Tourism Management Science also from UiTM, Siti Fatin Bt Muhamad Jail STPM's graduating and Normala Bt Abdul Hadi. Desaku offers many products made from plants and herb. Most of the herbs that Desaku uses are grown locally in Malaysia. Some rare ingredients, however, are imported from overseas. Desaku produce a vast variety of product for health especially for older people, husband and wife, and also a cosmetic product. The main product of Desaku that have high demand is “kelapa dara” or coconut oil. Desaku product is marketed and sold through internet and direct selling. They have developed an extensive multi level marketing system to that not just profitable,but also benefits their customers as they can also be involved with the business. Mainly, the buyers of the product are of older age groups, however, younger people also can use and gain the benefit of Desaku’s products.

Under the project of”One family, one product”, Desaku aims to contribute back to the society through the utilization of business tools. The project of Desaku also provides the opportunity to villagers to get technology and skill directly from professional group. To market the product,  Desaku have introduced a Solar System which is a delivery system to the customer house or office and 5 Star System that delivered by post. Desaku target group for the market of this product was an old people, single mother and whose family with a lower income. This project is a serious effort of professional group in order to be as agent of change within the villages and the rural areas. They were willing to sacrifice career, big posts and higher salaries working in city just to go back to the village in order to realize this idea. Their efforts received a warm welcome by the villagers. Now, this vision continue to expand and shared by many others who became part of the business as agents and distributors. Their website, has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 197,076. Compared with the overall internet population, the site's users are disproportionately uneducated, and they are disproportionately men earning less than $30,000 who browse...
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