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Knowledge: /12Thinking: /12

1. (Knowledge – 6 Marks)
How was the workplace in the past? (3 major points – each with explanation and an example.)

-Racial discrimination: In the past they did not value people due to their colour of skin or their cultural beliefs. An example of this is how blacks were mistreated and segregated from higher level job positions in the workforce.

-Slow transportation: In the past they didn’t have high performance vehicles, this made transportation very slow. An example is the first steam/ combusting engine cars operated under 40km/hour which meant it would take a longer time to go to work.

-Less variety of jobs: Back then there wasn’t a great variety of jobs, jobs where basic such as doctors, lawyers, carpenters and teachers and the work associated with the profession would be done by them. As technology and population increases there has to be specializations in the job market because there is more work to be done. An example is how nowadays there are things such as mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and structural engineer. Back then there were no specialization and the engineer could cover all these aspects because the buildings where not that complicated.

2. (Knowledge – 6 Marks)
How the workplace has changed? (3 major points – each with explanation and an example.)

-Change in technology: Technology is more advanced and easier to use because of new technologies like touch screen, Bluetooth and others. Technology as we know it is constantly being updated meaning that it has rapidly advanced over the past century. As there is more competition and opportunity there will be more advancement in technology. Technology also gradually makes life easier and get’s us more informed about the world around us. An example of this is the introduction...
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