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Chapter 1 God’s creation- Aquatic animals
1. Which aquatic animal swallowed Jonah?
Blue Whale
2. Where was Jonah headed to when Jonah was thrown into the sea? Tarsus.
Chapter 2 The birdsd of the sky
1. Near which brook did Elijah hide?
Brook of Kerith
2. In the process of creation, on which day did God created birds? Fifth day
3. What food did God provide to the Israelites in the wilderness? Mannah and Quail
4. Which bird did Novah let out from the ark?
5. What is the symbol of Holy spirit?
6. What happened at the time of Jesus’s Baptism?
Holy spirit appeared in the form of dove.
Chapter 3 Glory to God
1. How were the Egyptian kings commonly known?
2. Who was the sister of Moses?
3. What arrangements did God make to protect His people day and night? By day pillar of cloud to lead the way, and by night in a pillar of fire 4. How did Jehova fight for His people?
God uses his mighty power to redeem and sustain us.
Chapter 4 Family in the hands of God
1. Meaning of the word Bethlehem
House of bread
2. Ruth’s first husband
3. Mother in law of Ruth
4. Who did help Ruth
Chapter 5 People under alienation
Fill in the blanks
1. The tower of Babylon was in the plains of …………….. Shinar
2. …………….. is known as Father of Beleivers
3. The Pentecost is celebrated on the ………… day after Passover 50th day
4. The communication lost in Babel was reestablished on ………… Pentecost
Chapter 6

1. Name the famous indian missionary who converted from Sikhism to Christianity. Sadhu Sunder Singh
2. What was the heavenly instruction to Peter?
He should love and accept what he had considered unclean and common. 3. Who was the first to come into Christian faith from among the gentiles? Cornellius
4. Who contended with Peter in Jerusalem
Jesus Christ.
5. The house where Peter stayed in Joppa
Simon’s House

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