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D.H. Lawrence is one of the greatest English novelists of the 20th century. During his life-long literary career, he had written more than ten novels and several volumes of short stories. Besides being a great novelist, he is also a poet, a combative essayist, an atmospheric travel-writer, and prolific literary correspondent. His true greatness lies in his novels,on which his reputation rests. His Sons and Lovers is considered as one of the most innovative novels of the twentieth century. In the book, the extremely emotions given by the protagonist Paul to his mother is a brilliant illustration of Doctor Freud’s psychological theory of Oedipus complex. There are six parts in the paper. The first part is an introduction. It gives a brief introduction to the author and his works, especially his Sons and Lovers. The second part serves as a general review of Freud’s Oedipus complex. The main body includes the third and fourth parts, where Paul’s Oedipus complex and its reasons are analyzed materialistically and objectively. The following part intends to show how Lawrence’s life experience especially his marriage experience and the present social background influence his characterization of Paul and the meaning of the character, Paul. The last part is the conclusion of this paper.

Key Words: Sons and Lovers; Oedipus complex; abnormal maternity; industrial civilization



劳伦斯是20世纪英国最伟大的小说家之一。他在一生的文学生涯中,创作出了十多篇小说以及若干短篇故事。他不仅是诗人﹑小说家,同时也是散文家﹑多产的记者和大气旅行作家。他的名气主要体现在他小说的写作上。 劳伦斯的《儿子与情人》被誉为20世纪最具创新精神的长篇小说之一。在作品中,主人公保罗对其母亲挚热的感情,符合弗洛伊德心理学中的“俄狄浦斯情结”的症状。本文共有六大部分。第一部分是对劳伦斯及其作品的介绍,尤其是其《儿子与情人》。第二部分是对弗洛伊德心理学理论中的“俄狄浦斯情结”的介绍。主要部分是第三﹑四两个部分,在这两部分中,对保罗的恋母情结及其产生原因作了唯物的客观的分析。在接下来的一部分,从劳伦斯自身的生活经历尤其是他的婚姻感情经历出发,结合当时的社会历史背景,不难看出劳伦斯塑造保罗这一人物的目的与意义,即对造成人性扭曲和人物悲剧的机器大工业文明的批判。最后一个部分是对本文的总结。

关键词:儿子与情人; 恋母情结; 畸形母爱;工业文明

1. Introduction1
1.1 About D.H. Lawrence1
1.2 About Sons and Lovers1
2. A general review of Oedipus Complex1
3. Paul’s Oedipus Complex3
3.1 The emotions between Paul and his mother3
3.2 The conflicts between Paul and his mother4
4. The factors caused Paul’s Oedipus Complex4
4.1 Mother’s abnormal maternity5
4.2 The other family members and Paul6
4.3 The social effects on Paul7
5. The reasons of Lawrence’s characterization of Paul7
5.1 Family background and life of Lawrence7
5.2 The meaning of the character, Paul 8
6. Conclusion9

Analysis of Paul’s Oedipus Complex in Sons and Lovers

1. Introduction
1.1 About D.H. Lawrence
D. H. Lawrence, is one of the most original and controversial English writers of the 20th century. He was considered one of the “makes” of modern English fiction. Lawrence took human relationship, especially that of men and women, as his major theme. His novels are full of scenes of sensuous beauty, with a lot of naturalistic details. His works turned out to be a challenge to conventional morality. And some people rejected them, especially Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1928), as pornographic. But his books are filled with ideas and they penetrate into the shadows of the human psyche. In his works, Lawrence showed the instinctual force in human nature and offered a critique of modern industrial society. Lawrence’s life time was short, but he left a lot of controversial and characteristic literary works. There are many discription of undisguised sexual activities in his works which are based on English native country, but its main intention is to express a keen criticism of society. Both social criticism and characters’ psychological exploration are the basic...
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