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一級學歷 信心保證
• 廖Sir畢業於皇仁書院及香港大學,學歷絕對blue-blooded。此外,廖Sir亦具法律 學位及專業律師資格,英語寫作及表達能力不言而喻。 • 加盟英皇教育後,每年教授學生數以千計,由於考生於公開試成績表現突出,校方於04年 起更委任廖Sir為英文科主任,肯定其貢獻! • 2011-12年度為星島日報DSE英文科專欄及星島文憑試攻略英文科主筆。 • 首屆DSE成績收緊下(英文科Level 5或以上只得7.6%),Derek Liu English Team學生 仍取得324個Level 5/5*/5** 之美滿佳績,英文科成績達5級或以上就是 入大學之保證! • 2010年末世會考Derek Liu English Team學生共考獲 405個Level 5/5* ,Level 4 人數亦達 410人,再創新高!亦大幅高於全港平均數!2010年度亦有 3位會考10A狀元報讀廖Sir之英文課程。 • 首創全彩色筆記教學,令英文學習更生動活潑,深受學生歡迎。 • 由廖Sir編訂之Beat 334 Paper 3 Listening、HKDSE Beat Paper 1 Reading及Super Word Power系列,銷量長期高踞暢銷書榜,短短一年內,已5度加印! • 04-09年獲邀為明報擬定會考模擬試題專欄,更獲邀為壹周刊(05-06年度)及星島日報 (06-07年度)作專訪,足見廖Sir行內地位備受肯定。 • 05及06年度 共有3位會考10A狀元 報讀廖Sir之英文課程,而07年度亦 有1位 高考5A狀元報讀廖Sir之英文課程,由此佳績可見廖Sir之實力。 • 2002年廖Sir獲學友社邀請,出席伊館舉辦之全港最大型會考講座,並為該年度唯一英文 主講導師。03-05年亦為學生福利聯盟(SWA)講座之指定英文科主講者。


往績 強勁 貼題 準確 筆記 最強
首屆 DSE 成績收緊下 (英文科 Level 5 或以上只得 7.6%),Derek Liu English Team學生仍取得324個Level 5/5*/5**之美滿佳績(絕非坊間逐張 Paper計算之取巧之作),英文科成績達5級或以上就是入大學之保證!


(詳見P.4),08年貼中CE Paper 1B Q.2 (文 物保護),09年貼中UE Section B Q.3 (太空探索),10年貼中CE Paper 1B Q.2 (YouTube/Facebook),11年貼中UE Section B Q.2 (Social Responsibility),並在筆記中提供範文字庫及句型,考生寫作自然得心應手!

3 W H Y D E R E K ’s C a p t u r e 1 贏效率! 2 3 贏口碑! 贏筆記!
Plan A (Paper 1 + 2 = 4堂) Plan B (Paper 3 + 4 = 4堂)

Derek Liu English Team筆記質素一向以專業見稱,每期筆記經大量資料搜集, 結合試題趨勢及社會時事精煉而成,更全部以彩色印制,英文科從此變得不 一樣!(樣本請參考後頁)


8堂共600分鐘,當別人在家中漫無目的溫習的時候,你卻目標清晰地 用600分鐘,把課程必讀,必讀部份高效率地總結、整合。配合廖Sir之 強勁筆記及教法,效率嬴晒﹗ 全彩厚裝筆記,無敵排版,更易溫習!根據考評局最新指引設計,確保 100%符合考試要求。廖Sir筆記條理清晰已是指定動作,Capture 筆 記更進一步,活潑排版,更利記憶! Regular Course口碑載譽,沒有理由Capture 不能更進一步﹗以首屆 DSE Capture 為例,不論人數、奪星同學均創新高!









Vivien Chan @ St. Rose of Lima’s College
I am glad that I’ve chosen Derek as my English tutor, who helped me to get 5* in HKDSE English subject. Not only did he spend a lot of time and effort in preparing the teaching materials, he also taught very well, in which he gave us a lot of extra information and exercises. Thank you Derek, for improving my English significantly with the wide range of vocabularies and language pattern!

Sonia Tam @ Marymount Secondary School
Thank you for the skills! They are very practical and useful! Thank you!

Leung Ling Sum @ Belilios Public School
With Derek’s professional teaching and logical analysis of various examination question types, I got a more in-depth understanding of different answering tactics. Thanks Derek. P Oh, and I really did appreciate the colorful notes. .S.

Ng Wai Ka @ Ho Yu College and Primary School
Derek is a great teacher who teaches us wholeheartedly with well-designed notes. In fact, he not only teachers, but also inspires – through Facebook. Although there is no live teaching, his every lesson never disappointed me.

Liu Sir Eng Vocab Oral Writing Liu Sir Sentence Structur Thanks!

Monthly Feature Listening Practice –

Karen Wong @ Good Hope School
I have been Mr. Liu’s student for half a year. In the beginning, I thought that taking an English tutorial is not as useful and effective as what the school has done, because language cannot be improved within merely a year, it’s something about whether you got a strong foundation or not. But after attending Mr. Liu’s class, I found that there are more to learn in his lesson. Wording structure, difficult word phrases, vocabularies, all of which help to strengthen my language base. I feel more confident to write, and to speak, as well. His notes are comprehensive, in a sense that they cover all areas in English Language. Thank you, Mr. Liu, and your team, for all your hard work and preparation. I appreciate all your efforts to us. Thanks.

Capture A (Plan A + Plan B)

Paper 2 Law writing logic Law Essay Wish you forever success in tutorial industry and produce countless students with brilliant exam results!


Wong Lik Chi @ Munsang College
Your notes are always found useful, clear...
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