Depth Perception

Topics: Depth perception, Eye, Binocular vision Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Kimberly Asmann

Chapter 3

Depth Perception

September11, 2012

The topic that interested me the most from this chapter was Depth Perception. Images appear in two – dimensional form on the retina, amazingly we see a three – dimensional world. Depth perception is the ability to perceive objects three-dimensionally. No one sees their surroundings as being flat. An individual will see objects as either being farther away or at close range. Some objects will overlap each other. The scene and objects that an individual looks at has depth. So, how do different people see depth? So to perceive a world of depth, a person uses two different types of information or cues. These are called: 1. Binocular

2. Monocular
People get two different views of the world, so because we have two eyes, we get one view from one eye and a totally different view from the other. Binocular cues are depth cues that depend on the combination of the images in the left and right eyes and how the two eyes work together. (This explains how and why objects move from left to right or side to side.) Convergence is another binocular cue to depth and distance in which muscle movements in our two eyes that provide information about how deep and/or far away a particular object is. If an object is near us, our eyes will converge or move together, almost crossing. If an object is farther away, we are able to focus on it without our eyes pulling together.

In addition to using binocular cues to get an idea of a particular objects depth, we rely on a number of monocular cues or depth cues. These are available from the image in one eye, either the right or the left. Monocular cues are powerful, and under normal circumstances they can provide a compelling impression of depth. Examples of monocular cues are:

1. Familiar size—this cue to the depth and distance of objects is based on learned experiences about the standard sizes of different objects. We know...
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