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This chapter focuses on the use of in-depth interviews as an applied qualitative method in drug use studies. It begins with a brief overview of the technique and continues with a description of the various steps involved in carrying out an applied qualitative study using the in-depth interview method.


3.11:What is an In-Depth Interview?

An in-depth interview is a qualitative research technique that allows person to person discussion. It can lead to increased insight into people's thoughts, feelings, and behavior on important issues. This type of interview is often unstructured and therefore permits the interviewer to encourage an informant (respondent) to talk at length about the topic of interest.

The in-depth interview uses a flexible interview approach. It aims to ask questions to explain the reasons underlying a problem or practice in a target group. You can use the technique to gather ideas, to gather information, and to develop materials for drug use interventions.

3.12:Use of In-Depth Interview in Drug Use Studies

One effective way to understand the reasons underlying problem behaviors is in-depth analysis. In drug use studies, areas in which the method can be used include:

1. In pilot studies to generate ideas.

2. To obtain greater depth of information on a topic of interest as a supplement to data received from other methods, e.g., structured questionnaire.

3. To evaluate the impacts of interventions on attitudes or beliefs.

This section will consider only how in-depth interviews are used to gather data to prepare for interventions. 3.20.Steps in Using In-depth Interview to Study Drug Use Problems

The activities involved in using in-depth interview to study drug use problems can be organized into a series of steps. These are summarized below. A detailed discussion of each step follows the summary.

TABLE 3.1:Summary of Key Steps in Conducting In-depth Interview

| | | | |Step 1: Plan how you will conduct the in-depth interviews. | | | |Step 2: Decide who your respondents will be. | | | |Step 3: Prepare interview guide for each category of informants. | | | |Step 4: Select your interviewers. | | | |Step 5: Train the interviewers. | |...
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