Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

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Depression, Anxiety and Stress in First Year Psychology Students: Principles of Psychology Lab Report
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A laboratory study was conducted to compare first-year university students’ scores on the Depression A nxiety Stress Scales (DASS, Lovibond & Lovibond, 1995, cited in Crawford & Henry, 2003) wit2 h norms based on a general population (Crawford and Henry, 2003). Results replicated findings in Wong, et al. (2006) that the students had higher levels of depression and anxiety than the norm s for a general population, but there were no significant gender differences in depression and anx iety levels. While there were significant relationships between the three DASS subscales, there w ere no significant differences in the relationship of age with the DASS subscales. 3

Depression, Anxiety and Stress in First Year Psychology Students: Principles of Psychology Lab Report
Did you know that eight years after being diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, there rem ains about a 3% chance you will die of a recurrence within the next two years – compared with a bout a .001% chance that you will die had you been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, i.e., m etastasis has occurred (Taylor, Davis, & Boyages, 2002)? In another words, after eight years, the 10-year survival rate is higher (almost certain) for those who had been diagnosed with Stage 4 ca ncer than for those diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer. Why? because almost all of those diagnosed w ith Stage 4 cancer have already died. What does this have to do with the finding that first-year un iversity students suffer from greater psychological distress than other students (Adlaf, Gliksman, Demers, Newton-Taylor, 1998, cited and interpreted in Wong et al., 2006)? The first-year student s who become second-year students may not be any more or less distressed than they were durin g their first year.

Of course, it’s sad when anyone is distressed,...
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