Depression and Anxiety

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Makayla Collins
English 121
What Depression and Anxiety Really Is

If you thought loosing your boyfriend or having a bad hair day was tough, then try being called “fake” just because everyone hates you, because you are different. Imagine coming into this world with loving people surrounding you, yet you still feel so alone and empty inside. Try living with the thought that no matter where you go, you still feel out of place, and that everyone is being nice just to get close to you. You tried to fit in, but when you thought it was fine to sit with the 'popular' kids you were bluntly ignored while left to fend for yourself when your ‘friends’ bailed the last possible second. Would you be able to then look at that person again and say I understand and truly mean it?

Living with depression and anxiety is no pretty thing nor is it easy. It becomes extreamly hard when a person knows that they have to be a role model for the younger ones, and have higher expectations just because they are the oldest. When they feel like they have no one to turn to, and won’t tell their parents because they’re either afraid, or think they can handle it all alone, those people end up bottling it all inside and then it becomes dangerous. They will then get rid of it any way they can, in vicious anger, or in desperate self-harm; sometimes going so far as killing others, or themselves. These emotions feel like a dark monster that grows inside you and slowly kills you. Sure medications can work, but only for a little while, then they just feel like a chore; a daily useless routine. When someone finds out and tries to help, it may already be too late to save the soul that is already lost.

No one can really stop depression and anxiety from happening. Sure, people can get rid of some of the things that can cause them like chemicals, environmental or social influences, but that won’t always stop it. Sometimes the depression is there like a stubborn thorn in your heart, and if removed can...
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