Depression Among Women

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Dawn Kropuenske
Ms. Jackson
Fundamentals of Writing
December 17, 2010
Narrative Paragraph

New Start
My new start to a new way of life was the first day I started school at Western Iowa Tech Community College (WIT). Going back to school after not attending school for over 20 years was a hard decision for me. I wanted to have a career in the something that would fulfill the needs of what I wanted to achieve for the rest of my future. I decided on a looking into several colleges that offered careers in health care, providing me benefits towards future retirement. That morning I left early from Vermillion, SD, to WIT to attend my first day of classes. Knowing how busy it would be I was hoping to find a parking spot. Also, I wanted to scope out the campus to find where my classes were for the day. When I entered the main building of the school, I was greeted by many faculty members that were helping students find their classes. This made me feel a little more at ease. My first class of the day was “The College Experience.” This course is to help introduce students to the college experience, the expectations of the students, and the environment on campus along with all the great resources offered. As I was sitting in class, I looked around and notice that there were people off all ages starting their first day. My second class was Applied Math and the location was next door to my first class. This made it very easy for me to attend. My instructor entered the room, greeting all of us liked she had already known us. She taught with great ease and confidence in her knowledge of the course and was able to explain the math procedures so that I would understand. By doing, this made one feel that there was no stupid question. My third class of the day was my writing fundamental class. The location to this class was all the way across campus, with allowing only ten minutes for me to arrive to class on time. As I walked into the building and located the...
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