Topics: Major depressive disorder, Great Depression, Neurology Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Joe Smith
Sheryl Harris
English 1101-Annotated Biliography
20 Septemper 2011
Depression and pain: An Annotated Biliography Snapp, Dr. Cathrine. Personal Interview: Tallahassee September 20 2011. Doing my interview with Dr. Snapp i asked the following questions; what is depression, h what causes depression and can a person overcome depression. In Response Dr. Snapp s stated that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Dr. Snapp also stated that a p person can overcome depression with the proper care and medication. some symtoms a are mood swangs, uncontroliable emotions, and pain. william o. Tatum 1V " Depression: Epilepsy A to Z: A consise Encyclopedia." 2009 93-94 Newsban. web 20 september 2011 An encyclopedia entry for depression is a mood disorder. It also states that depression i is a common psychiatric comorbidity in patients with epilepsy. Patients that have some h hospitatized, refractory locization-related epilepsy that could have prevalence rates of 2 20 to 50 precent. Hermine, Lenoir. depression History, Depression Symtoms. And Incident Dementia: the 3C study: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease; 2011 126 issuels 27-38 Article. The aim of this article was to study depression in the young and the elderly, and how a g study of a different group of people and predicts the risk of incident dementia in them a and how some studies showed that lifetime treated depression did not show increase i increase incident dementia risk. Christophe, Trozourio. when Pain Intersects with depression or Anxiety: running-fitNews; July 2010, Vol 28 Issue 4, 17-19, Article.

The article focuses on how pain intersects with depression and anxiety in chronic pain. The Chronic pain can be, bad headches, nerve pain, joint pain, irritable mood disorder. some...
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