Deportation at Breakfast

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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On the grill, my eggs bubbled. I looked around for anothel 'washroom: toilet employee - maybe out back somewhere, or in the washroom. Inotice: bemarke I leaned over the counter and called for someone. No one an_ rexit: sorrie swered. I looked behind me toward the tables. Two elderly men hesirtation: toven sat at one, two elderly women at the other. The two women were rswiveh drejetalking. The men were reading the paper. They seemed not to rspare: ekstra have nOticed Javier'S exit. ,spatuta: paterkniv I could smell my eggs starting to burn. I wasn't quite sure rins up: st8 ind (pE kassewhat to do about it. I thought about Javier and stared at my eggs. apparatet) After some hesitation, I got up from my red swivel stool and went slide:,lade slide; lempe behind the counter. I grabbed a spare apron, then picked up the dercaffeinated: koffeinfri spatula and turned -y eggs. My toast had popped rp, but it was not browned, so I put it down again. While I was cooking, the two elderly women came to the counter and asked to pay. I asked what they had had. They seemed surprised that I didn't remember. I checked the prices on the chalkboard and rang up their order. They paid slowly, fishing through large purses, and went out, leaving me a doliar tip. I took my eggs off the grill and slid them onto a clean plate. My toast had come up. I buttered it and put it on my plate beside my eggs. I put the plate at my spot at the counter, right next to my newspaper. As I be-ean to come back from behind the counter to my stool, six new cusiomers came through the door. "Can we pull some tables together?" they asked. "We're all one party." I told them yes. Then they ordered six coffees, two decaffeinated. I thought of telling them I didn't work there. But perhaps they were hungry. I poured their coffee. Their order was simple: six breakfast specials, all with scrambled eggs and wheat toast. I got busy at the grill. Then the elderly men came to pay. More new customers began arriving. By...
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