Depleting Bluefin Tuna

Topics: Fish, Overfishing, Tuna Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Topic: depleting tuna population
General purpose: to inform
Specific purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will know how Japanese fisherman are affecting tuna populations


For the people of Japan, the sea provides most of their diet. But one fish in particular, the Bluefin Tuna, is favored over most. Tuna fisheries began to grow in 1970, and since then, developed into an enormous business for Japan. Because of this, fleets of Japanese fishing vessels are over-fishing this species to extinction. The depletion of the Bluefin Tuna has lead to environmental and economical consequences. Due to the extremely high Japanese demand for tuna and its cost, laws preventing the overfishing have not been successful.

(Transition: The Japanese have always depended heavily on fish as a source of income)

1. Japanese Fleets Over-Fishing
a. Tuna is being harvested faster than the species can reproduce itself b. Drastic increase in imports
c. 80% of the worlds 60,000 tons of Blue Fin Tuna that are caught are consumed by the Japanese d. Japanese fishing fleet, consisting of almost 380 ships, primarily uses drag netting i. Technique where a mile of netting is dragged across the ocean, capturing any creature in its way

(Transition: The depletion of the tuna is causing unpredicted environmental and economical factors)

2. Economical & Environmental Forces
a. Countries that depend on fishing for a source of low skill work are suffering due to the lack of tuna b. The tuna is near the top of the food chain in its environment; so removing this apex predator upsets the ecosystem in which it lives c. Japan increasing economic demand for the fish is creating an upset in the global fishing market a. One fish sold at market for $360,000, a new record in 2008

(Transition: With that kind of financial incentive, governments have proven incapable of putting a stop to this carnage due to...
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