Depiction of Gender in Science Fiction Films.”

Topics: Gender, Science fiction film, Gender role Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Research proposal: “Depiction of gender in Science fiction Films.” Abstract “Media images of female protagonists reinforce cultural stereotypes about the role of women in world of cinema. These images can have a positive impact on adolescent girls who are making career plans at a time marked by waning self-confidence and a heightened awareness of cultural norms of femininity. An analysis of images of female protagonists in popular films ( e.g. Charlie’s Angels) shows how these images reinforce cultural representations of gender and science and explores the potential impact on adolescent girls’ conceptions of gender roles and their occupational aspirations.”

The Problem
"What problem do I want to address or what question(s) do I want to answer?" Ans. Does audience accept female protagonist as a lead in science fiction film.

Background to the Problem
"Why is this problem or question important?" Ans. Over the period of time the cinema industry has witnessed a revolutionary transformation in the aspects of “technology”, “conceptualization” and “hierarchy” but the male dominance as the lead protagonist has not seen any coversion.

Research Design
"How will I limit my study?"  Descriptive research  Causal research.

"What data do I need to collect?"

  

Collect Sample size Secondary data Formulation of hypothesis from audience

"What methods will I use to collect the data and how will I justify them?"  Questionaire  Observation  Executive interface  Pilot studies

Expected Results
"How will I analyze my data?"  Documentation  Customer feed back  Report preparation  Variance analysis "What results do I expect from my research?"  Audience acceptance; e.g.- Charlie angels movie  Changing trends of films perceptions .

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