Dependent Clause and Answer

Topics: Dependent clause, Complex sentence, Complex-compound sentence Pages: 69 (15290 words) Published: March 29, 2011
86. Briefly explain what the opening of a document should accomplish. ANSWER: The opening of a shorter document should be relevant, interesting, and geared to the reader’s probable reaction. For longer messages, the first few paragraphs should establish the subject, purpose, and organization of the material. Conclusions should accomplish what two tasks?ANSWER: Conclusions should (1) summarize the main idea and (2) leave the audience with a positive impression. 88. Briefly describe at least three advantages of using lists in business documents. ANSWER: Lists can show the sequence of your ideas, heighten their impact visually, and help readers find your key points. They also provide readers with clues, simplify complex subjects, highlight the main point, break up the page visually, ease the skimming process, and give readers a breather. 89. Rewrite the following sentence to remove the dangling modifier: “Lying next to the filing cabinet, the office manager found the financial report.” ANSWER: The office manager found the financial report next to the filing cabinet. 90. Rewrite the following sentence to improve clarity and avoid the long noun sequence: “The financial estimates and accounting consulting firm will be closed next week.” ANSWER: The consulting firm that provides financial estimates and accounting services will be closed next week. 91. Rewrite the following sentence to avoid camouflaged verbs: “The customer will ultimately make a determination about whether or not a purchase will occur.” ANSWER: The customer will ultimately determine whether or not to make a purchase. 92. Rewrite the following sentence to eliminate the unnecessary phrases: “In view of the fact that the customer service department is closed, we do not have the capability of offering refunds until such a time as they reopen.” 93. Rewrite the following sentence to eliminate redundancies: “The engineers collaborated together in order to produce the uniquely original final outcomes of their research.”ANSWER: The engineers collaborated to produce their original research outcomes. 94. Rewrite the following sentence to be more concise by using short, simple words: “Effective immediately, all employees need to terminate their excessive utilization of the office duplication machine for personal affairs and activities.” 95. List four characteristics of effective document design.ANSWER: Effectively designed business documents exhibit (1) consistency, (2) balance, (3) restraint, and (4) attention to detail. Essay

96. What three functions do effective headings serve in business documents? Explain each one. ANSWER: Headings contribute to the document’s organization by showing the reader at a glance how the document is organized. They act as labels to group related paragraphs and organize material into short sections. Headings also control the reader’s attention, making the text easier to read and helping the audience find the parts they need to read—or skip. Finally, headings help readers make connections between subordinate ideas and main ones. 97. Explain at least three of the steps involved in editing documents for clarity. ANSWER: Editing for clarity involves breaking up overly long sentences and rewriting sentences that contain hedging (words like may and seems). It also requires imposing parallelism, or using the same grammatical pattern to express two or more similar ideas. Correcting dangling modifiers is another necessary step, along with rewording long noun sequences. Improving the clarity of a document also involves eliminating camouflaged verbs, clarifying sentence structure and awkward sentences, and moderating your enthusiasm. 98. Explain why editing for conciseness is important, then list the four steps it involves. ANSWER: Editing business documents for conciseness is important because many drafts are twice as long as they need to be. Eliminating unnecessary material helps you get your point across more efficiently. Improving the...
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