Dependence on Technology Outline

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Topic: Dependence on Technology
Thesis: Our dependence on technology has taken us away from reality. I believe headed more and more towards a world where human will stop interacting with each other. We have become so dependent on technology that some of us cannot see our life continue without it. Has technology become a necessity or is it still a luxury? Introduction: I’m trying to imagine the days without Facebook and cellphones and it seems impossible because I can’t remember my life without a cell phone. I never joined Facebook but I know some people who consider their friends on Facebook to be more important than the friends they have in real life. I think the world we are living in has become so dependent on devices and the convenience of easily accessible information that humans have forgotten how to live life without them. Main Point1: Support

Sub point 1: Days without the cell phone
Sub point 2: The rise of technology
Main Point 2: The need to have technology
Sub point 1: The many uses of today’s technology
Sub point 2: The effects of technology on our lives
Main Point 3: The what ifs
Sub point 1: Can we live without a cell phone or internet
Sub point 2: Are we still free as human beings to makes choices or not Possible conclusion: I do not believe that we as human beings are free anymore. We need all our devices and without them I think the world would stop functioning.
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