Dependence Analysis of Transactional Workflow Models

Topics: Dependence analysis, Data dependency, Workflow Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Azubuike Maxwell

A lot of attention is being focused on recent key technologies of the next generation of computerized and clerical duties such as BPR, CALS, ERP, in workflow technology. This flow and automation support to the task of user-centered traditional workflow technology, and transaction workflow technology, especially system-oriented program, or transaction processing work, and the control of the flow is characterized. This paper defines error handling and recovery, and compensating transactions according to the ability to define and handle transaction workflow. In order to support these error recovery and compensation, a mechanism to analyze the data dependencies on each workflow activities and their associated business transactions and control dependencies between the input and output data between them, is needed. Above all, typical workflow modeling tool for data dependence analysis proposed the transaction represented by the ICN model of a workflow mechanisms and algorithms. These are data dependence analysis of the significance of transaction workflow on the application about technology. In particular, the data dependence analysis proposed in this paper to the case of access conflicts caused by simultaneous data on multiple activities at the same time (or business transaction) that operate in a parallel execution environment, inconsistencies and workflow can be used to solve important problems for dynamic change support. By using data dependence analysis, this paper suggests a way to apply the concurrency control. To this end, transactional workflow concurrency control, which can be considered a category defined as the intra-instance. Also, the need to present a transactional workflow model of data dependence analysis is a useful aspect of how this concurrency control for solving approach is presented. In this era, business enterprises must deal with global competition, reduce cost of doing...
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