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The key issues that are presented in this dilemma are about Mary-Alice’s medical condition and recommendation from the personnel manager. Mary-Alice a dedicated employee that has proven herself as reliable, personable and the kind of employee Bassfield Department Store generally looks for has just failed a medical exam, due to her existing heart condition. Bill Chavez, the personal manager that overlooked her exam before hiring her part-time recommends that she be fired, because of the restrictions in their medical insurance program that would be offered if she became full time. Bill states that “the rule is that all permanent employees must pass the physical” and because Mary-Alice did not, she should be fired.

Wheatly the store manager must decide whether or not to fire Mary-Alice, after an appeal from Adele the department manager of the department that Mary-Alice works in. Mr. Wheatley will have to look at the issues that present themselves. If they fire Mary-Alice, they stand to lose a good employee that shows to be an asset to the company. Ethically Mr. Weatley has every right to fire her, however because Mary-Alice is such a good employee he may think of other ways he may be able to keep her. He must also take in consideration what the written policy is. If he keeps her on, he must show the same treatment to any other employee.

Wheatly can consider other alternatives in how to keep Mary-Alice as an employee, and still be in compliance with company standards, and regulations. As mentioned by other employees at the company, there is an EEOC program that allows them to hire disabled employees. Mary-Alice can be considered disabled in the fact that she has heart problems. Wheatly can unionize the company, allowing them to hire Mary-Alice. There is also the availability to look at different insurance providers that allow the employees insurance with her situation.

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