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Departmentalization in Synaxis ready mix

In Synaxis Ready Mix, the entire organization is divided into functional departments as shown in the above chart, to deal with the problems of business at various levels. Functional authority remains confined to functional guidance to different departments. This helps in maintain quality and uniformity of performance of different functions throughout the enterprise. Features

* The entire organizational activities are divided into specifications such as Sales, Production, IT, Finance & Administration, etc as shown in above chart. * Complex form of administrative organization

* Three authorities exist- Line, Staff and Function
* Each functional area is put under the charge of functional specialists and he has got the authority to give all decisions regarding whenever the function is performed throughout the enterprise. * Better division of labour takes place which results in specialization of function and its consequent benefit. * Management control is simplified as the mental functions are separated from manual functions. Checks and balances keep the authority within certain limits. Specialists may be asked to judge the performance of various sections. * Greater efficiency is achieved because of every function performing a limited number of functions. *  Specialization compiled with standardization facilitates maximum production and economical costs. * Expert knowledge of functional manager facilitates better control and supervision.

Board of Directors
Board or the board of directors is the Governing body of an incorporated firm. Its members are elected normally by the stockholders of the firm. The board has the ultimate decision making authority. It is empowered to set the company's policy, objectives, and overall direction, adopt laws, name members of the advisory, executive, finance, and other committees, hire, monitor, evaluate, and fire the managing director and senior executives, determine and pay the dividend, and issue additional shares. Though all its members might not be engaged in the company's day-to-day operations, the entire board is held liable for the consequences of the firm’s policies, actions and failures to act. Chairman of the Board & his responsibilities

Responsibilities of the chairman of the board are the following: 1. Preside over board or executive committee.
2. Supply vision and imagination at the highest level of hierarchy, normally working closely with the MD. 3. Take chair at general meetings, within which: to ensure orderly conduct; fair and appropriate opportunity for all to contribute; suitable time allocation per item; determining order of agenda; directing discussion towards consensus; clarifying and summing up actions and policies. 4. Act as the organisation's representative in its dealings with the outside world. 5. Play a leading part in determining composition of board and sub-committees, so as to achieve harmony and effectiveness. 6. Take decisions as delegated by the board and where required chair board meetings. 7. Execute the responsibilities of a company director according to lawful and ethical standards.

Managing Director 
The role of Managing director is to develop, design and implement the strategic plan for the company in the most time efficient and cost effective manner. He is responsible for developing business plans for the long term future of the organisation and also the day-to-day running of the company. He is accountable to the board of the company.

Business Development
Managing Director is responsible for business development. He helps to bring new clients to the firm. In this way, the MD is similar to a high level salesperson. The director sets meetings with potential clients and presents proposals in order to win a client's business. He stays in touch with potential clients. In addition to bringing in new work, the managing...
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