Denver International Airport Communication Plan

Topics: Project management, Management, United Airlines Pages: 3 (543 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Denver International Airport Project
Communication Plan

A. General Information:

Prepared by: Julie Danley
Date: March 3, 2013
Authorized by: Peat Marwick

Project Description (Summary): Design and build a new International Airport in Denver, Colorado.

B. Stakeholder List:

Stakeholder Name| Project Role|
City and County Officials| Responsible for approving and funding the project| Engineering & Architecture Firms| Responsible for developing a plan to build the airport. Also service as Project Managers| Airlines| The customers who will use the airport|

C. Communication

Vehicle of Communication| Audience| Frequency| Medium| Source| Delivered by| Sensitivities| Date Delivered| Lessons Learned| Expected Result| Historical Information| Closeout| Weekly Status Reports| Griener Engineering | Every week| Hardcopy| Project Management Team (PMT)| Representative-PMT| Disagreement | Every Friday| It is should have planned the architectural design first| Objective of clearly meeting the time and costs deadline once decided by all and exception should be allowed with clear new deadline in presence of all. | The task performed against the standard costs and time scheduled set| Deadlines set should not be changed | NHO Report | City Mayor| Every week| Overhead - big Difference| PMT| RepresentativePMT| If there is any negative news PMT should be the first to know and communicate to others| Every Fiday| PMT should have coordinated all the activities without any delegation| PMT need to coordinate and take the responsibility of meeting the deadlines of costs and time and all are made accountable to PMT| The task performed against the standard costs and time scheduled set|  | Weekly Status Reports| New Orleans Architectural Firms| Every week| Hardcopy| PMT| Representative-PMT| Any discrepancies in communication should be ascertained through inbuilt feedback | Every...
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