Dentistry Personal Statement

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  • Published : June 22, 2008
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Scientific knowledge, I believe is crucial if we are to improve the quality of human life and I am consequently pleased that my studies in this area have significantly increased my understanding of both scientific theories and of the human body itself. I view dentistry as a scientific art due to the close relationship which exists between a small alteration of the teeth and a person's psychological confidence about their appearance as it can have a huge effect on the whole well-being of a person and this is the foremost appeal of the profession for me. Part of my inspiration and motivation to become a dentist originated from my own experiences of undergoing dental treatment.

My interest has been further developed by the diversity of dentistry, which was highlighted during my work experience placement at the Louise Southworths Dental Surgery. I shadowed the dentists doing standard fillings, rubber dams and administering local anaesthetics. This enabled me to see the wide range of oral conditions from which patients may suffer. I am particularly interested in the developments in preventative and cosmetic dentistry, as I listened to the advice patients were given regarding improving their oral health and saw crowns and veneers being fitted. Whilst on this placement I saw patients of varying ages and this enhanced my desire to study dentistry.

To ensure that I have a realistic appreciation of what the career involves, I also spent a week at the Blackburn Orthodontic Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as it gave me a valuable insight into the relationship of the teeth and jaws, and observed how abnormalities and irregularities regarding this matter can be corrected with the sheer use of braces. I enjoyed talking to the patients and putting them at their ease, an experience that allowed me to develop my communication skills. It was an unforgettable insight into the world of a busy practice where I could observe the importance of teamwork...
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