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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Dentistry is the profession in which the dentist helps with the prevention and treatment of mouth diseases and malfunctions. The dentist performs many duties within their profession. Some duties the dentist may do on a daily basis are: diagnose oral problems, fill cavities, write prescriptions, perform root canals, treat gum disease, examining radiographs, removing root decay, and providing instruction to the patients along with many other duties. Becoming a dentist allows for many different working opportunities. A dentist has the opportunity to work in the military, in a hospital, in administration, or they can even work in a classroom and teach. Most commonly though dentist tend to work in an office which they may own fully or they may partner with another dentist. Working conditions in a dental office are sanitary but can be bloody, the office is well lit, and has good climate control, it is usually around 70 degrees. Dentists have to wear masks, gloves, and safety glasses. Overall, the working conditions of a dental office are very tolerable.

To become a dentist quite a bit of education and training is needed. First, you have to graduate from a four year college to get your undergraduate degree, a bachelor degree which tends to be a science major. Then, you have to go to dental school for four more years to get a doctorate degree. Although, to get into dental school you have to complete the following courses: biology, chemistry, physics, math, organic chemistry, human anatomy, biochemistry, human physiology, intro to psychology, English composition, and other non science courses with an average GPA of 3.5 and with a science GPA of 3.8. After someone passes their written and clinical exams to become a dentist they will have earned their credentials of a DMD or DAT. Every dentist has to obtain a license in order to practice dentistry in the state of Indiana. A dentist should be a well-rounded individual by having a variety of skills. They need to...
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