Dentist: Database and Appointment

Topics: Database, Relational model, Patient Pages: 2 (254 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Access Case: Dentist’s Office
You will create an Access Relational Database for a dentist’s office.

Database Objects:
1. Patients – keeps a track of patient information (Create at least 7 patients). 2. Dental Procedures – The dentist has 5 procedures.
Procedure No. Procedure Type
Rs. 2000.00
Rs. 2000.00
Root Canal
Rs. 3000.00
Rs. 700.00
3. Appointment – keeps a track of the each appointment, Patient, Date, Time-in & Time-out. 4. Appointment Details - Some patients can have multiple procedures in one appointment. (Have each patient have at-least one appointment in the week. Have at-least 3 patients, have more than one procedure in an appointment. Have at-least one appointment every day of the week; Mon to Fri). Forms:

1. The dentist wants a form to record new patients.
2. The dentist wants an ‘appointment’ form to record each appointment, patient, date & time and a sub-form for the above appointment, with procedures and cost.
3. Menu switch-board form.
1. Create a Select query for all the days of the week, with appointments, their customers, date, in & out times and billing.
2. Create a Summation Query that counts the number of times each procedure has been performed, sorted in descending order.
3. Create a Parameter Query that lists appointments for a patient for the patient ID input by the user. Reports:
1. Create an itemized billings report for each patient.

Prof. Nitin Bolinjkar

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